Blogging About Blogging

I have a blog (you’re reading it now). I post about many different kinds of things. Taking inspiration from Blogging for Writers by Robin Houghton (2014) these are the kinds of things I cover:

  1. Stories
    Pretty much most of what I write is stories. I specialise in flash-faction, mostly because of the writing prompts in the many creative-writing books I read. There’s also some longer fiction, which tends to be early drafts of assignments for the MA in Creative Writing I’m doing. I’ve written a couple of novels, but you can’t see those (yet) and, most infuriating (for the reader), I’ve written lots of stories that I haven’t got around to finishing yet.
  2. Lists
    I sometimes steal other people’s lists and publish them either with modifications (like this one) or without (but fully credited). I also write my own lists of things to do or not do or whatever comes to me when I start writing.
  3. Advices
    When I figure out how to do something myself, I give advice on my blog on how to do it. Sometimes. Mostly, I try to find out how to do something because not being able to do it frightens me in some way. When I’ve figured out how to do it, I lose interest in it, which means that I don’t tend to write about it. Unless someone asks. Do you need any advice on anything?
  4. Processes
    I write step-by-step processes, on how to do things, quite often. Mostly I write them about some aspect of writing, but sometimes the subject is meditation or well-being. To be honest, I mostly write them for myself and use my blog as a notepad (although I’ve recently discovered Google Keep for briefer notes) and so you get to benefit too.
  5. Interviews
    I’ve never actually interviewed anyone and so this is one for the future.
  6. Round-ups
    I can’t remember doing a round-up of anything either.
  7. Reviews
    Sometimes I review books or movies here, but not very often. I do read a lot of books (108 every year) but I review all of them on Goodreads, which makes reviewing them here too kinda redundant.
  8. Opinions
    I have lots of opinions about all sorts of things and I’m not at all shy to share them. Pick a subject and I’ll give you my opinion on it. My interests mostly revolve around reading, writing, spirituality, health and people. There’s other stuff too, and lots of it, but those are the main ones.
  9. Controversies
    I find that if I watch an argument, I feel fine, but as soon as I take a side, my blood pressure starts to rise. So if I get involved in controversy (which is rare) I tend to try to take in both sides of the argument.
  10. Contests
    I’ve never set up a contest, so that’s one for the future. When I release my novels and compile my short stories into volumes then I’ll offer copies in contests. Probably.
  11. Predictions
    Something else I’ve never tried is predictions. I guess I don’t really know enough about anything (and especially not about the future) to be able to guess at how it might develop. As soon as I do, you’ll be the second to know. The first (obviously – duh) will be the Camelot Group (organisers of the National Lottery).
  12. Questions
    Hmm. I don’t tend to use my blog to ask questions. Do you think I should start?

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