Michael/Imago (New Middle – Scene One)

Mother Cake stole ate cake mother lock shed overnight at seven cold freezing comfort food belly warm love and there’s only me there in the dark with all my cake enclosed never leaving the shed freezing my balls shrivel to nothing noises in the corner that rustle and pop and the light from the moon under the cracks of the locked door never mind the light shiver in the dark and I never told anyone but the cold came like sugar frosting on the cake that lived an breathed love in me when I shivered and loved and suffered and loved and died without and lived and loved within

Ruth Returning striped arse shorts at ten ran street never coming back past her house a face pale in window pang heart turned almost no never return ran to hills only cold but hot from fire belly fast then a door slams behind and she’s taller legs longer faster catching me faster no side by side fierce looks game not playing still we were together and ran out of breath colt tamed barely but oh her skinny body heat inches apart collapsed on ground she knew me fierce words never holding back from passion or love or understanding a spark of fever never forgot her always loving her within

Ruth Leaving only mother only empty house behind the fifteen me window pane cold against hand and cheek collapsed heart blurred vision of the van the table chair wardrobe stream and the better past of slow summer with tennis play bikini heat dens of nothing but old and must with young heat inside and touching but not landing take love from my eyes know it feel it and she did but too late for ever to take down never in fight against tears now you’re strong boy you don’t need her need her feel her on my skin in my heated heart but the doors slam and her face pale sad sorrow mine going engine rough running don’t run don’t go gone


This is all connected to anything you see on this blog about Michael or Imago. Here are some links for you to investigate further (one of them leads to this post):


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