Stream-of-Consciousness – Resources

I was looking for useful web pages about stream-of-consciousness (soc). Here are the ones I’ve found so far. I’ll add to this list as and when I find more:

  • How to Master Stream of Consciousness – this is a blog post that gives a nice, simple overview of soc that gives a little potted-history, explains the distinction between first-person soc (direct interior monologue and third-person soc (indirect interior monologue), goes through different ways that text can be marked up to indicate soc (italics, tags, nothing) and then gives three tips to get you started writing soc (think about your thinking, use soc as a tool for controlling the pace of your story, read widely)
  • Stream of Consciousness and Chafe: A coupling of Classic and Modern Assessments of Stream of Consciousness Techniques in Trainspotting – a quasi-academic paper that just about does what it says on the tin. Has some good examples and gives an in-depth history of the genesis and development of soc thinking. Not such a good analysis of soc in Trainspotting, but it’ll do

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