external detail journal (part one of four)


The desk that I’m sat at has all sorts of things laid upon it, like as if its a plain that has collected a courting couple of mountain and some small animals that wander here and there according to how I shove them. They’re going to wander off to the oasis on the left in a minute or two because my arm is going to sweep across like a sirocco, readying the wild, open space for a visitation, to wit the sandwiches and their companions that’ll make up my lunch.

But skip that; you can see it all from the photograph that I’ve just added. Lunch is now over and the picture is just as it was (more or less). I’m full, work has finished, dark and determined to write this. The time limit is 20 minutes and so when that is used up I will stop and start another one. But none of this is about external details. Let me do this properly.

The marker is for me to highlight the reading list for the OU course that I’m on. The bookmark is for the books for the course that I’m on. This writing is for that course. These words, one by one as they fall from my mind into my fingers through the keyboard into the screen and then onto the internet and then into your eyes and brain and mind, are to do with the course. You have entered my course by reading these words. They are making me into a better writer but it’s up to you whether they make you into a better reader. I want to say ‘yes they are’ because you might want to continue reading if I do, and I do want to keep you reading. In the next paragraph I’ll tell you something interesting.

Here’s something interesting: I read a piece of work today that I judged to be of universal concern. Let me think for a moment about what it was …

Talk amongst yourselves.



Had to look it up in the end. It was this:

There are certain moments you count down to in life …

It then went on to list several things that a person could conceivably look forward to, like (and this is my own list now) … (can’t think of any so this is a list from a website):

  1. Hitting Rock Bottom
  2. Falling in Love
  3. Getting Your Heart Broken For The First Time
  4. Realizing What You Are Passionate About
  5. Getting Fired From Your Job For The First Time
  6. Getting The Job of Your Dreams
  7. Losing A Close Friend
  8. Getting Married
  9. Becoming a Parent
  10. Buying Your First Home.

How many of these have you done? My count is three. Jeesh, I really do need to get out more.

But anyway, the reason that I thought it was interesting (and of universal concern) is that anyone can pick out things from this list and say that they thought it was going to be “—fill in your own thoughts—” but it was really like “—fill in your own experience—” and the gap between these things is, I reckon, interesting.

What do you think?


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