God Masquerading as Man

I see it all from up here. There’s a peculiar satisfaction involved in having a …

The void, the void. It is calling me from behind the curtain. I will never see …

Leaving the real and entering the unreal, I scream like the newborn baby I …

I am God. I exist in a realm that is beyond the physical. I can’t be typing thi …

Oh, for frick’s sake get on with it, Robert. Yeah, yeah, you’re trying to write from an omniscient point of view; we get that. Just move the story on now.

Gilbert (no, that’s a pebble). Gavin (no, old friend). Grant (porn star). Garrett (too long). Gabriel (too hard to spell). Gus (too short). Glen. Yeah, Glen. Glen. Damn it, what was Glen doing? I forget now. Let’s have a look. Oh yes, that was it. Start again.

Glen was getting younger by the second. *bosh* Glen will get younger by the second. And by the minute and day and *okay, we get the message* Glen was will be ageing backwards. Glen will be younging. Glen will become a baby and slip back into *ewww!* Glen had his last minute at the start. A quickening of his heart *accidental rhyme alert* breath and a jerk *jerk?* spasm and he became alive.

It was actually quite funny to see it from up here because we don’t really have time here. I mean, we know about it. But we don’t have it. Everything happens all at once. There is only one once and it happens all the time. Erm. Well, you know what I mean. It’s a good job that I’m all the omnis, otherwise I’d have a heck of a time (yeah, I picked up that phrase from watching y’all) keeping up with everything.

Anyway; funny why? Well, it’s one of those … hold on, there’s someone at the door.

Ha. I fooled you! There are no doors here. I just fancied a break. You know this is really difficult to do. There’s no such thing as time so I don’t need a break and I can’t type because I have no fingers and even if I did, we don’t got laptops here either. And all these affectations and syllogistic quirks I affect don’t mean squat to me because … well, they just don’t.

And hey, have you noticed how often I’m using the word ‘don’t’ (there it goes again)? What’s that all about!

So this is how it’s working. I have a stooge (a subordinate used by another to do unpleasant routine work). He’s called Robert, and he thinks that he’s the one typing this piece of work (and what a piece of work (a person of a specified kind, especially an unpleasant one) it is (okay, that didn’t work very well, but what can you do. I’m aiming for a mix of authenticity and unreliable here, folks; have a heart)).

Anyway; the stooge. He’s there (here) tapping away on a keyboard thinking that he’s writing experimental fiction. Little does …


Well, that’s my 500 words done. Have a nice day.

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