Old and New

In with the new and out with the old, right? Throw away everything that looks chipped, worn or simply old. Buy new stuff. Bring newness into your life. Refresh yourself and everything around you.

I’m wondering about people. What should we do about all the worn-out, greying, sagging, chipped and old members of our population? That old dear at the bus-stop looks screenshot 2019-01-05 at 13.12.56like she’s on her last legs. Those old farts laughing on the corner should be careful that they don’t give themselves a coronary. Here comes an old dear, snailing her way down the pavement on her zimmer-frame. Should we replace them all with newer models?

Well, I suppose we have already replaced them all. More new people are born every day but the older models are still there cluttering up the benches and buses. We culled the badgers and the geese. What about the oldies!

Or should I just stick to repainting the window-frames; changing those tatty old coasters for new ones; tossing out the mouldy crusts in the back of the fridge (hope the pigeons don’t get poorly); and throwing away those boots that still take a shine, but have two holes in each of their soles.

Anyways, Happy New Year to y’all. I hope you find something fresh and interesting in 2019, whatever your age, size or disposition.


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