Teach a Pebble how to Worry


Back your truck
from the grave
move towards the cradle.

Skip lightly,
as you follow
the minutiae of life.

Linger on happiness if you like;
fickle that you are.

Lay down in sorrow
if that would suit you better.

It matters not.

It ends.

It begins.

The cycle

Park it.
Be free.

Teach a pebble how to worry.

Then laugh.


(inspired by ‘When we wait too long…‘ at Spike Stories)


3 thoughts on “Teach a Pebble how to Worry

  1. This spoke to me today. I haven’t told you and I’m sure you would have written if you’d read my posts that I lost my incredible husband suddenly on 12/3. He collapsed on Sunday and died Monday of a brain aneurysm. Still just trying to move forward at this point after managing to get through the holidays. I’m reading blogs when I have a chance. Hope all is well with you.

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    • I’ve been thinking about what you wrote all morning, Dee. Can’t think of what to say apart from the usual things that you’ve probably heard and read a thousand times. Life is such a cliche. My heart goes out to you all the same. You’ll move forward. Time will pass and… well, you know. Sending you love. Keep… moving.
      Kindness – Robert.

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