Mostly Chickens

Need a break from reading so I’m writing. I’m not going to read what I’m writing (I’m on a break from that, remember) so it might be a bit scatty.

There’s nothing particular on my mind apart from that work is hard, I have taxes to file by the end of the month and an assignment to hand in by the day before the end of the month. Okay, okay, yeah; I have stuff weighing on me; I admit it.

Thing is, I’m in a bit of a procrastinatory mode at the moment and it’s hard to get moving when I’m like this. Like last night, I glued stuff. I glued the heel back on my shoe, the bottom onto the Christmas lantern and some beads onto some mats. I forgot to glue the chickens down, so they’ll have to wait until the next time I’m in a gluing mood. Procrastination like this doesn’t come along that often and so the chickens might be loose for months now.

My wife wants to keep chickens in the back garden, which would be fine apart from that there are foxes living two doors away. Still, I think it’s a nice idea.

There. That’s my writing done.

I know that I’ve been remiss in answering comments. I read them. I like getting them. But … well, y’know, it’s hard being me sometimes and I just don’t want you to catch it.

Have a nice day.


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