A Powerful Mind and Memory

The mind and memory are much wiser and more powerful than we give them credit for. Here’s my evidence for today:

I’m reading a book called The Company we Keep – An Ethics of Fiction by Wayne C. Booth, which has 557 numbered pages. I’m on page 492 and I just decided that I wanted to make a note of something that I’d read in a previous chapter.

I used Google Keep, which is a convenient little tool because it enables me to keep notes on my phone and read them at my leisure on any other computer. So the first thing I did was write the approximate page number of the location of the bit I wanted to make a note of. I thought briefly about where it was on the page, decided that it might be in the 300-and-something range and just pressed the three key thrice, giving me 333.

I then laboriously trawled through the book in search of the part I wanted. I found it eventually and started to make the notes I wanted. That done, I looked at the page number in the book so that I could correct my reference in Google Keep.

The exact number of the page I was reading was … yep, you guessed it … 333.


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