I don’t got no style as I can put my finger in

A short interview with me about my writing style:

  • What are its defining characteristics and idiosyncrasies?
    I like to think that I think a lot in my writing. I feel and experience things and then I talk about them. The characters I create are mostly me and I express the different aspects of myself through them. The plots I create are mostly about the situations I find myself in, both internally and externally, and how I get out of them. Or resolve them. My style is a mixture of long and short sentences. I tend to use hypotaxis to slow the pace of the story down and parataxis to either to speed things up (in the middle of action-scenes) or to express bleak surroundings (when describing stuff). When I’m writing like this I like to use brackets to indicate extra (often irrelevant) thoughts. When I write formally, I’m copying people who write formally because that’s not my natural style (despite what my tutor thinks). When I write stories I use sub-thoughts when writing in first-person, and straightforward, one-thread narrative when I’m writing in third-person (generally). I haven’t dared to do this in stories that are to be marked/assessed in some way.
  • Where on the maximalism/minimalism spectrum would you place it? (You don’t have to be one or the other. Maybe you are somewhere in-between; or maybe you modulate from one extreme to another.)
    I am somewhere in the middle of the maximalism/minimalism spectrum (MMS). I use one for one effect and the other for another effect. My style is not really defined by an adherence to one or the other. That said, I’ve been influenced by Cormac McCarthy’s minimalist style somewhat.
  • How far is your position on this spectrum the result of your intuitive way of writing, and how far is it consciously suited to the things you are writing about?
    Aw c’mon, this is asking the same question in three different ways. See above already!

Here’s a short piece (what I just wrote) that I think is representative of my writing style (not):

Just to get things clear from the get-go, I’m a woman. Don’t be fooled by names. I’m as woman as a woman ever could be. I got the equipment and that’s all I guess I needs for me to be qualifying. Here’s what happened to woman today.

I went to the shops. There are two of them hereabouts. One is a piddly little ghostery store what sells canned goods and chewing tobacco. The other is a place you can buy hardware like dog-shoes (fit your own), pit-diggers, warpoons and other essentials for living in Poltreak.

I’d like to tell you what I saw on the way back from the shops, but implant don’t allow. I just know I was overloaded. So that’s that. Implant says that I should get on with peeling the lips offa these radicals now so that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s not for a quiet life. It’s for a life. You get me?

I done. He’s sleeping now and so I can write some more.

I just ate and my belly is swelling with the process. Gas and bubble. Fermentation I think it’s called. Yeah, like narco-jice and stuff like that. It’s the only way we can get the growth around here to break down and fix up enough to give us some goodness. We was all genetically modulated to be able to do that. Cheaper than a funeral.

The radicals get caught easy. We set a trap and they fall in. Simple as. The skinning is messy, and the lips have to come off last otherwise the seal gets brok. Think of fizzy narco-jice. Tastes bad flat. Same thing.

I could kill him. My master that is. Cutting one of the ties to his cot’d do it. It’d tip him to the floor and he’d just explode. They say to bind the middle-section but he don’t on account of that little problem he got. Leastwise, that’s what he tells the look-glass. He’s vain, though. He don’t want to …

He’s coming. Later.

He’s had his way. Guess that’s another prog I’ll have to bear him. Regular as the moons he comes. Five cycles and on. Five and off. I can’t see what I can do. He’s got all the papers. He’s flitch and I’m flatch and that’s all there is to it. Might as well not bother being bothered. That’s all.

When the rockets come back it’ll change again. When the radicals pull free we can all pull free. I’m woman so I’ll get to say my piece too. Not just yet though. Not yet. Gotta fetch me a flame and I’ll burn this now. Good to get it out but safer this way. Gotta be safe.


Orbital-sub-station-alpha. Log 019450. Monitor automata report rogue elements still active. Recommend quarantine continuation. Transmit.


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