More About my Style

This is something that returns to an analysis of my style from here.

  • What is important to your style?
    Sense and understanding are important to my style. My style is a reflection of my thought processes. I tend to be rather analytical and this comes through in my writing. I like a story to make sense and so I don’t like to give the reader too many blanks to fill in by themselves. I have a line of reasoning and I follow it through to the conclusion of my story. The majority of the stories I write come directly from my subconscious. I don’t think them through in advance. This must show up somehow in my style, but I’m not sure how. I like to think that it means my endings are unpredictable because even I don’t know what they’re going to be until a few sentences from the end. But then again, if I can predict them at that stage, then my readers probably can. A few sentences from the end is not too bad, though, right?
  • What do you think it says about your priorities and commitments as a writer?
    My priorities are therefore that I get the buy-in of the readers. I want to say things that get them on my side. I want to be good. I’m committed to being good enough for people to like me as a writer. That actually doesn’t feel true to me. Part of me couldn’t give a rat’s ass what my readers think. Perhaps my subconscious cares, but it ain’t saying either way. Except in my stories. My unpredictable, likeable stories.
  • What consequences do they have for your work in progress and future projects?
    I’m in a funny position here on this course. On the one hand, I want to write in a carefree manner without regard to what any reader would think. On the other hand, I want to please, and in particular I want to please my tutor so that she passes me on this course. How do I resolve this? I play pretty for now. And I listen and learn and apply that learning. That’s all.

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