Open Letter to The Black Keys

I love you The Black Keys. There’s a rawness, a viscerality to your music that touches my lizard brain and makes it want to make my body move. But here’s the thing. You need to move on.

I subscribe to your newsletter and when I read that you had released a new single (Lo/Hi), I clicked on the link to listen now with all the eagerness of a beaver on speed.

But, oh dear, I think you made a mistake. You linked to your very first single. At least, that’s what I thought. I was wrong, of course. But then again – so are you. Move on. Please.

How about you have a word with Damon Albarn; he’ll show you how it’s done. And if he isn’t picking up the phone because he’s off organising another band / project / campaign / album / song / movie / spaceship / cosmos then have a look at his Wikipedia page to get a few ideas.

Love you loads The Black Keys; keep on rocking.

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