Realism vs Experimental -> Hybrid

The books I’ve read over the past few months categorised into realism, experimental and hybrid:


  • x


  • x


  • Never Let Me Go – Ishiguro, Kazuo (a hybrid because the content is experimental (dystopian) but the style is realism (first person, past tense, mysterious))
  • The Fifth Child – Lessing, Doris (another hybrid for the same reasons. The style is realism, but the content is off the chart experimental (a Neanderthal child is born in modern times and the parents (understandably) find it hard to cope)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale – Atwood, Margaret (I can sense a theme emerging here, perhaps because these are the recommended reading for the masters in creative writing that this exercise is for)
  • The Road – McCarthy, Cormac (as above)
  • The Passion of New Eve – Carter, Angela (etc.)

Yeah, I think this exercise has proved a point. A good many popular books these days are hybrids between experimental and realism. They have taken the best elements of the two and produced something both innovative and palatable. At the end of the day, Jo Public’s choice is king.

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