City of Bohane by Kevin Barry

So, City of Bohane huh. Well, what can I say? Starts off like some kinda thing about tribes and villages set somewhere in prehistory or in rural Russia. The word ‘aborigine’ (a person, animal, or plant that has been in a country or region from earliest times) sort of gives that kind of impression. Old stuff – either before technology, or a part of the world that’s living separately from those what have tech. Leastwise, that’s what I think.

Then, when they starts to describe how they’re dressed, you have to think again. The clothes are contemporary (vest top, trackies and boxer boots). Knowing that the author is Irish, I’m guessing at some wild part of Ireland. But wild in a way that they don’t really have wild in these days. Wild as in gangs gone wrong. That kind of places it in the future. I mean, it can’t be in the past because they just weren’t like; leastwise not as I’m aware. So, the future. But a future gone wild, like I said.

They way they talks is just pure gang. Pure slang that they kids use when they wants to be different from the grown-ups. Then, if they grows up without getting to know no better then they stays as they are: grown-up kids. But not.

Could I use this kind of shape-shifting for myself. I guess I could. I can be as twisty with genres as the next un. Thing is though, I’m not so sure how to make it mean something. I can mix space and cowboys, but I don’t see the whole point in doing that. Why would I want to get my readers to expect space, and then throw cowboys in there? I mean, no disrespect to Joss Whedon – Firefly was awesome, but why? Just – why? Why give people what looks like a romance and then turn it into a slasher? Why start off as a yistorical story and then throw aliens in. Just don’t make sense. There were no aliens in the past! Were there?

If anyone could help me out here then I’d be most ingratiatous.

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