Isn’t it funny how it always seems to to be a person who is learning about something professes to be an expert on it? Or it’s a person that wants something that writes about how to get it? Or it’s a person that is the polar opposite of something that writes about it as if they are an expert on how to be it or they tell you how to get that or advise you how to go there?

And then, when you do get an expert writing about something, it’s just so complex that there’s no way that you can understand it.

Ironic, huh!

People should stick to their areas of expertise:

  • Perhaps the only people who should be allowed to write about death are dead people
  • Maybe depressives should only give masterclasses on how to be depressed
  • Possibly the only person qualified to tell someone else how to live their own life is absolutely no-one at all.
  • And, sure as tofu is tofu, that’s my cue to stfu.

Have a nice day! (But only if you want to; it’s your choice).

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