When You and I Die

Sorry about the focus on dying. It’s just that I went to a conference (Let’s Talk About Dying Conference: A day exploring the spiritual dimension to the end of life) the other day and read a couple of my poems there. These are the poems:

When You Die
When you die, you’ll move from here to there.
But before you do that, imagine you’re in a womb.
You don’t know where you are (except to know it’s dark and tight)
You don’t know how long you’re going to be there.
Maybe you’re going to be there forever!
But you’re not.
You’re born. You leave the womb and you come here.
And sometime after that, you’ll move from here to there.

When I Die
When I die I’m going to tell you
That it’s alright
That there’s light
And bright beings sat on my bed.

When I go I’ll tell you that I’m glad
That I believe
You shouldn’t grieve
When I leave to join loved ones.

And then I’ll close my eyes
And the curtains will close.

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