Ditch the Habit

Strikes me that I have many habits of movement. I dry myself from the shower in an identical way each day. My hands describe an identical arc every time I make a cup of tea. I set off on the same foot, touch the same places on the bannister and end up walking on the same piece of carpet each and every time I walk downstairs. In short, I am a creature of habit.

The people who become exceptionally good at something, such as athletes, typists, racing car drivers are in the same kind of rut. We all think that they have reached the acme of perfection, but they are merely describing the same arc as yesterday and the day before.

It’s kind if fulfilling to be good at something and to be in a comfort zone and to fiddle with the familiar, but is it enough?

Where are the far horizons we, as children, imagined we would reach and traverse as an adult? Where are the mysteries we would solve? Where the distant planets?

Answer: they are still far, mysterious and distant as long as we go through life in the same way as every other day we’ve lived in so far.

So, what should we do? Well, if you’re happy, then keep on keeping on. But if there’s a little voice in you that’s telling you that there’s more to life than this, then you must change.

Ditch the habits of a lifetime and so something different. But not just once, but every single day you have available. If you change once, you’ll fall into another habit. But if you approach each day as if it is a brand new, never before seen day, and do something in a different way, then you’ll have a life that’s rich, varied and infinitely rewarding.

So ditch the habit. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

One thought on “Ditch the Habit

  1. ….you’ll have a life that’s rich, varied and infinitely rewarding…

    This was right! It gives the gist of the post 😊 living every day in another exciting way makes life richer!


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