Going Beyond Paper

It’s no coincidence that you’re reading this on a screen; for I have gone beyond paper. In fact, almost everything I’ve published has been in an electronic format. The exception is a children’s book I published on Amazon, just to see how easy it was (very). To date, my paper sales have netted me the princely sum of Β£9.67, and it’s all pure profit. Please don’t tell the t*xman.

They say that the future is electronic. And (almost) everything I’ve published is electronic. So why do I have a couple of thousand books in the attic that I’ve never read?

I guess that I have a vision of myself in a bed catching up on my reading at some point in the distant future. My leg is broken and so I’m not expected at work. The electricity is off and so there are no e-books either online or offline. There’s only me, a huge stack of books and … erm … a huge pile of tinned soup that I’ve yet to get around to collecting. Oh, and a tin-opener.

I’m stocking up for a world without books. In the future, entertainment will have been transferred to other formats:

  • one or another of the current electronic formats:
    • interactive books,
    • e-books,
    • digital audiobooks), or
  • the book alternatives
    • movies,
    • YouTube videos of cute pussycats,
    • electronic games,
    • browsing the internet aimlessly or
  • future forms
    • being in the game,
    • exploring the world virtually,
    • book immersion via implants,
    • consciousness upload to digital realms.

When that future arrives, I’ll just read. Or perhaps I’ll be seduced off into something I haven’t even imagined. Or maybe (wonder of wonders) I’ll converse with other people.

So, there are options available for those who haven’t got a stack of paper books. Are you up for any of those alternative forms of entertainment? Or are you still licking your finger and turning, turning, turning those pages?

And aside from that – how are you going to publish your own musings? Paper, electronics or something else?

Yours – Interested of York.


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