What I Really Want to Know

Really what I want to know revolves around how to make prose meaningful.

Like, it’s possible to write words that are largely empty of meaning: long descriptions of grass, trees, sky; endless minutiae-filled skeins of thought about nothing in particular; the sensation of blood pumping whilst climbing or dust in the eye after shaking a mat.

I’d like to go a little beyond that; you know what I mean? But how.

22 thoughts on “What I Really Want to Know

  1. I didn’t mean to sound resentful! I’m sad and to be honest, a little frightened about the future. I just didn’t expect to find myself widowed just yet, I guess. Today is exactly six months since Paul died and some days I think I’m doing okay and other days I’m falling apart. I remind myself how lucky I was to be married for 37 years and how lots of people don’t get that many years together. It doesn’t always work though!

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    • Oh, I didn’t mean that you were resentlfuI, I just meant that, in you place, on top of what else you feel, I (personally) would also probably feel resentful at being left. I guess I’m strange though.
      But there’s lots of ways to think about stuff – some that give comfort and some not. Aside from the bare facts of it all, I would say that it’s the way we think about stuff that has the most potential to help. I mean, look at psychopaths – they don’t have any problems with extraneous emotion at all. Hmm. Not that I’m suggesting that that would be a great …
      I think I’ll shut up now.

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  2. Not so much. I tend towards the unemotional and tend to wonder what all the fuss is about to be honest. But I kind of recognise that not everyone is set up like that. End of the day, like you say, there are stages and people go through that and it’s unpleasant, but there’s always the feeling that (for most people) the last stage comes around and life returns back to… some kind of normal.
    I just snorted at the thought of me saying: fill your days with interesting things because it’s much easier said than done.
    Whichever way around (and now imagine me saying something schmaltzy, but kind). 😉


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