Sugar – What Are You Doing About It?

I’ve been feeling muzzy-headed and waterlogged lately. I guess it’s something we all go through once in a while. But here’s the thing: I’ve learned that there are different ways to react to what I’m going through. I can let it drag me under the waves, or I can build myself a raft. And I’ve decided to build a raft. Heck, I’ve decided to build myself a floating city!

One thing that drags on me is sugar. I consume way to much of it. But I loves it. I loves me a sprinkling of granola on my cereal. I loves me a little snack bar to finish off my lunch. I loves me a little pudding (UK English for a dessert course) after my evening meal. And I loves me some sweet snacks while I watch a movie in the evening. I loves my little sugar fixes.

Trouble is that it affects my mood. It gives me a quick high and then a slow, rumbling ride through gloom and despondency.

So, no more.

I’ve stopped the snack bars, laid off the granola, left the pudding on the supermarket shelf and generally cleaned up my diet. A week in and I feel better already. I feel cleaner and brighter and more able to face the world and its challenges.

All I need to do now is remember this feeling. I need to bear in mind what a natural high I can get from life when I stay strong. I need to be clean and clear by nothing more than good food and air. I need to lay off the crutches.

Wish me luck.

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