Clothes Make the Man

My torso is in pretty good shape. Push-ups and sit-ups and an attitude of moderation when it come to crisps and chocolate keep it so. Or so I thought.

I just realised that what I wear shapes my torso much more than diet and exercise. The thing is, I’m a Levis and a t-shirt kind of a guy. And, although I’m a natural medium, I tend to buy the t-shirt in small. I like the way the smaller size fits. I like the way that it … ahem … shows off the shape of my torso to good effect.

Thing is, if my weight goes above a certain level (around eleven and a half stone) my tummy sticks out. That is to say: it would, if I didn’t keep sucking it in. I don’t like walking around with a bulging belly (nor do I relish sucking it in all day long) and so, if I put on too much weight, I automatically adjust my diet and exercise routine, and I lose the flab.

So there you have it: clothes have made me the man I am today. To be more precise: my choice of t-shirt has determined the shape of my body.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll reveal to you why I always buy boxer-shorts in XXL. But until then, have a nice day.

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