Oh No, Not Another Zombie Novel!

After I’ve finished the novel I’m currently writing (which will be today, if I can get my finger out my *** and my *** into gear) I want to write a Zombie Novel.

Thing is though, I want to write it about work and publish it, day by day, on Workplace (a corporate Facebook that only my company’s employees can access). I’m wondering though whether this is allowed.

When I say ‘allowed’ I mean in terms of using the work’s servers and also in terms of writing about people that might be identifiable (and who might get their brains eaten out as they die screaming).

I can imagine this being popular with the wider workforce, especially if I include the very senior management in the book. I could even include votes in the story, much like Big Brother, so that the readers decide who gets … er … eaten next.

I reckon that this has the potential to go far if I can get it off the ground. But what do you think; has it got legs? And, more importantly, how will I get permission to write it for this company (substitute the name of any big company)? Hints and tips as to how to approach the project, please.

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