Need to Be Myself

All too often when I sit here to type something up for a post I’ll be thinking to myself about what people would be interested to read. I need to stop doing that and just be myself.

I have enough interesting things within myself not to have to bother thinking about what others will think of me. I have love to give and it doesn’t matter whether you want to take it. I’m going to love you and not bother whether you want to be loved.

So, yeah, this is just stuff from my heart from now on. And it’ll be in my real voice and not a voice that I think sounds better. I can write and I can make sense without following the rules about writing that other people have written down.

I have been writing a book lately that has been hard to do. I’ve finished the first draft – it comes to about 51,000 words, and I’ve finished the first 15,000 words of the second draft. It’s an absolutely brilliant story and you will totally enjoy it when it gets out into paperback land.

I have no loyalty and so don’t know how to inspire it in others and so, to the two of you who will read my book – I appreciate you in advance.

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