how my ideas gestate

no you cant talk to me right now because youve only just been born and babies cant talk and you should know this really

what would you say anyway as a newborn person without any experiences apart from the crushing weight of your mothers vagina around you

its not as if youre going to say hi how are you doing or something banal like that because youd have to be daft to ask something as superficial

the first words to slip from your mouth just after your first breath would have to be something simple and profound like my god where did all this light come from

it would be impossible to talk inside the womb because there wouldnt be any breathing and without breath there is no talk just thinking

on the face of it its silly to talk about talking babies coming out of the womb because the brain has been shown to be in an undeveloped state at that age

but what if despite that it happened and the world was faced with baby prodigies how could they possibly grow up to be zombies

there has to be a link between two disparate ideas like this for a talking baby zombie book to be successful so lets try to brainstorm … oh wait

brainstorms are something that are going to happen to people that develop as early as that and if theres a storm then theres a chance of a burn out then a zombie

a better name for a zombie is a xombie because its a little bit different to the normal spelling and yet its still easy to figure out the pronunciation

there you are thats the beginning and middle of the subject matter for my next serious novel and now all thats needed is the end

the end

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