Reader Profiles – Bridget

I got a lovely, friendly comment from Bridget, which straight away made me look forward to reading her blog. It’s great to find out about a person before I read and so the first port of call for me was her About page:

It’s always nice to see how people look and so I was very happy to see that Bridget has posted a picture of herself (maybe I ought to start doing the same) relaxing somewhere shady and cool on what I suppose to be a hot day in Ghana. Love the way she describes her name: Bridget means strength and Delali means The Redeemer (God) lives. Very auspicious.

Here’s Bridget’s logo:

It’s a lovely logo, but I’m not at all sure what ‘Readers Tell No Tales’ means (I mean, look at me – I’m one of Bridget’s readers and I’m telling tales aplenty!) but nevertheless, I clicked on the logo to see what tales Bridget tells.

And there are plenty!

From a quick count it looks like Bridget posts two or three times a month but her quality and breadth of interest more that makes up for the any lack of quantity. Bridget is out to motivate, encourage and transform lives (paraphrased from her About page) and it shows.

Her most recent article is about an article from CNN that reports that a ‘pregnant woman was reportedly supposed to receive a nutritional shot’ but instead ‘a doctor performed an abortion without confirming her identity’. In the body of the article, Bridget talks from her own experience and from those around her about this patient charter:

Every patient has the right to quality treatment regardless of what type of illness he or she is suffering from.

I totally agree!

The rest of the article is an intelligent and compassionate look at the healthcare system in Ghana and is well worth a read. Bridget writes well and she writes with purpose.

I left a comment. It was a little more involved than doing so on a purely WordPress blog (like but it was easy enough.

There are many more articles on the main page: some are personal (about friendship, relationships and aging), others are about religion/spirituality and some are about good causes (healthcare, equality and identity) but they are all reasoned and interesting. There’s even a guest spot!

There are links to Bridget’s Facebook page, her Twitter account and her Instagram page (not working at time of press) and on those pages, she is even more active and energetic than on her WordPress page.

From my first impressions, Bridget is God-loving, Ghana-loving, young, vibrant and intelligent. Her blog is a good and positive force in the blogosphere. Here’s something I learned from Bridget: I’m way too interested in myself; my posts are all about me, me, me. I would do better to follow her example and try to make a difference in the world. Enough said.

4 thoughts on “Reader Profiles – Bridget

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  2. I’m full of smiles right now, I appreciate the love. Readers tell no tales because to me those who read a lot are well informed and listening to such people feels like you are listening to nothing but undisputable facts. I’m feeling the love already, thanks so much again.

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