The Thing About Photographs

Smile now and take a photograph of yourself. Isn’t it terrible?! Don’t you look awful! All those wrinkles and bags and moles and pimples and sagging flesh!!

Now look at the photographs you took of yourself last year and the year before. Wow, don’t you look young and handsome/beautiful! It’s amazing how fresh-faced you looked!!

Here’s an odd thing about the photograph you took just now: it will look absolutely wonderful in a couple of years time; and so will you.

Think about that.

6 thoughts on “The Thing About Photographs

  1. Nah, you just keep on taking them until you have a photo you like… My phone is littered with many selfies that have never seen the light of day…

    BTW, did you ever do year two of the masters? Are you going to? Personally, I think you would have been better doing your masters at somewhere like Lancaster, they do distance, because you could have worked on a novel. You have two unis in York, maybe you could do the masters with one of them, yes, I know it’s expensive, worth doing though.

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    • Yeah, just finished year two of.the MA at the OU. The EMA was fifteen thousand words so I wrote a fifty-one thousand word novel and submitted the first fifteen-thousand words. I would recommend anyone now to pay the extra and do an offline degree at a local university.


      • My dissertation was 15 thousand too. (12 thousand story, 3 thousand reflective essay)

        Have you got your results yet?

        I don’t get mine until November. Graduation is in December. Wishing for a distinction, hoping for at least a merit.

        Thinking about doing a PhD.

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        • No, December is when my results come. I’ll be happy if I pass. Either my stories or my tutor’s standards are flakey because my marks have been all over the shop. 🙂
          I might do a PhD at some point, but in a different subject; maybe the philosophy of nanobioroboticastrophysics. 😉


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