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I ignored Zoolon Audio for the longest time. It was perhaps a couple of years before I looked to see who was following my posts so intensely: liking every single thing I wrote and often within seconds of me posting.

When I clicked on his link I found out that he is a real person! I’d always thought the name hid some kind of insidious marketing operation based in Korea, or something like that, but no. Actually, the man behind the mask is George Blamey-Steeden, from Devon. Here’s what he posted on his Amazon account:

Zoolon, the alter ego of George Blamey-Steeden – that’s me – a musician, songwriter and sound artist. I have a number of albums to my name, ‘Liquid Truth’ (2012), a concept album themed around Plato’s ‘Allegory of The Cave’; ‘Cosa Nostra’ (2014) a sound art creation based on the story of Romeo & Juliet; plus my two latest albums displaying my songwriting skills, presently for sale at Bandcamp, namelt ‘Dream Rescuer’ (2017) and ‘Rainbows End’ (2017).I compose, perform, produce, record and mix my compositions ‘in house’. I work best alone. For what it’s worth, I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology.

When I’m not attempting to create, my passion for music is only matched by a love of animals and my support for The Arsenal football club.

I herald from Dover, Kent yet was brought up in Dartmouth Devon

If you’re reading this, George, you need to update your Biography. I’ve just bought your excellent Devil’s Kiss but I can’t see any mention of this 2019 release of yours on your Bio.

In fact, I’m listening to these beautifully mellow tracks, freshly downloaded from Bandcamp . right now. They make marvellous mood music and are just right for me to type along to. And there’s lots more on this site for y’all to get your teeth into if you like to be chilled and entertained. I might have to ask George for some tips on how to create songs as professional as these, because mine are just pants in comparison.

George’s blog is just excellent. There are so many good things there to see; here’s a short selection:

And if that wasn’t enough, he also blogs. His latest post is about one of his inspirations: the ‘mad genius’ Francesca Woodman. Intrigued? Then why not click and read? I found both her and the article to be fascinating and it’s great to get an insight into a real artist’s creative process.

So, thanks for following me for all these years, George. I’m glad I finally clicked on your link and explored your own genius. You have such a marvellous collection of initiatives out there in the world. I’m just sorry that it took me so long to discover them.

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7 thoughts on “Reader Profiles – Zoolon

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  2. Thanks Robert. Nothing inspires a musician more than words that build confidence, like yours. It’s true I’m doing tons of different things to make a half decent crust. The reason I’m doing it all is that after getting a 1st. class degree in music I found my 157 applications for work were not even replied to. I was left with no choice but to go it alone. Good days and bad days but better than none. Anyway, thanks again, I owe you ~ George

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    • You owe me nothing, mate. The support you’ve given me over the years with those Likes is more than I can ever repay you for.
      I’m toying with the idea of doing a music producing course next (just finished an MA in Creative Writing) – is there anything in particular you could recommend?

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      • Thanks for that. This may sound stupid but for what you want I would do nothing other then search YouTube’s ‘music producing’ tutorials. At uni, being dyslexic I got by on YouTube – it was better than lecturers could ever be. If you ever want advice I’ll do my best to help ~ George

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          • Interaction with the others didn’t really happen at the uni I attended. That was good in some respects, not so good in others. I think those working, say, in performing arts, working together is important. For me learning about capturing sound, creating sound art, studying music technology and its history, composing words and music in song/instrumental/all genres, mixing/mastering etc. was a hunt alone thing. Besides half the students were rich Russians who pretty much kept themselves to themselves. The options to learn about music production are many. I guess all I can add is that if I was doing it again I’d use just YouTube tutorials and not end up with a student loan that I’ll be stuck with for years. Best of luck with it anyway and like I said, if you get stuck I’m you man ~ George


  3. Capturing Sound
    Creating sound art
    Music technology
    Music (technology) history
    Composing words
    Composing music
    … there’s my syllabus right there. 🙂
    You ever perform? In the way that, say, Ed Sheeran might have when he was starting out? I’m sure that you have the technical ability to work those pedals etc.


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