A Life in the Day (18-19)

I did nothing but eat pizza with salad and watch the movie I started earlier (Deception) in this hour.

And no, I didn’t eat all the pizza; I packed some away for another day. But all the salad is gone. Salad is good for one, right? Balances out the junk-food-i-ness of the pizza?

The movie is good, if predictable. I trust that there will be a twist at the end.

Deception - the movie DVD cover

8 thoughts on “A Life in the Day (18-19)

  1. Yeah, I would like that, truth is, I’m partly Indian, only slightly though, one of my ancestors was an Indian, my grandmother was born there and my mother lived there, in Bangalore, for a few years, India is my heritage, really wanted to go and work with street kids when I was younger but alas, I’ve never had the money to go.

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