A Life in the Day (7-8)

I can see that this is going to get on top of me unless I speed it up. I’m going to give myself ten minutes to type up each hour from now on. Otherwise, the map is going to get bigger than the territory, and it’ll be, like: ‘hour three: typed up hour two’. And no-one wants that!

After I did a (three letters starts with p and ends with o) I cleaned the toilet and the bathroom and then I shaved and showered and then I listened to samples of the seven hours of dance music on Radio One last night from 7pm to 2am.

There were tie-ins with radio stations all the way across Europe with an hour devoted to screenshot_20191012-1149228699567570020036718.pngthe dance music of each country. I have to say that there’s not a lot of difference between any of the national offerings. In my opinion (and bear in mind I don’t listen to this kind of music much) dance music is in desperate need of an overhaul. Same kinds of sounds and beats and rising sequences and drops repeated time after time. Let have a massive change, please.

Then I let the UK offering play out (this one wasn’t bad actually because they wove a lot of pop music into the biggest set by Jax Jones) and I got dressed.

An hour? Surely I did more than that in an hour!

Well, I did my exercises: push-ups (the usual 30) and sit-ups (adding five more per day and so I’m up to 80 as of this morning).

What else, what else?


Are my ten minutes up yet?


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