A Life in the Day (13-14)

It’s so much easier to tell you about my hours when I have only just lived them. I sit down to type at 14:00hr, and at the end of this hour I can tell you not only what I did, but why I decided to do that.

Take, for example, the decision as to what to have for lunch. As you know, I had cheese on toast for breakfast. This meant that I didn’t want to have cheese again for lunch and imag24302574587285750823629.jpgso I had, instead, beans on toast! What a miracle of diversity I am! (Yeah, sarcasm.)

So, the beans had to be Heinz, naturally. And none of that reduced-sugar rubbish. I made the mistake of getting a six-pack of those and they were dire! The taste just wasn’t right and the aftertaste was awful. Actually, the best Heinz beans are those with the little sausages in. If only they would do a vegan version of those then I’d be in seventy-seventh heaven!

I made the mistake of putting a movie on while I ate. A mistake because I tend to like to finish things before I move on to the next thing, and finishing movies in the middle of the day is a terrible waste of light. I’d have read a book whilst eating, but this headache was still giving me gyp.

I’m happy to report that eating lunch has made my head feel much better, though. I don’t know whether it was the beans, the toast, the non-dairy spread, the two oranges (unlikely) or the crisps, but my money’s on the beans.

The movie was Deception, a 2014 offering about a conman who is about to get his comeuppance. It’s actually quite good. Well acted and just about convoluted enough to keep me guessing about who did what and why. I watched it while I washed the dishes too; I cleared a space on the kitchen window-ledge especially for the laptop. This very laptop that I’m typing on now.

And that’s about all I need to write for now. It’s quarter past two. Once I’ve taken or found a suitable photo then it’ll be twenty past, which gives me 40 minutes of life to live before my next fascinating instalment.

Until then …

5 thoughts on “A Life in the Day (13-14)

  1. I get migraines, have as long as I remember, I realised when I was a teenager, after many headaches lasting throughout the day until I had tea, a sizeable amount of protein seems to calm down the pain. Maybe for you too, baked beans seems a sensible choice, but maybe a jacket potato would have added more diversity.

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    • Potatoes! Never thought of that. Mind, that would have been too big a lunch really; can’t let this tummy get out of hand. 🙂 I know what the headache is actually: it’s too much sugar. Keep eating the beans, Jacki.


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