A Life in the Day (14-15)

I’ve divided this hour into easily digestable sections for your reading consideration:

  • Writing – the first twenty minutes were spent writing A Life in the Day (13-14)
  • Brushing – my teeth for the second time of the day. Only once per section of my mouth instead of the usual two, though; mustn’t be too hard on the old gums
  • Walking – finally I got out of the house and started to walk into York city centre. I’ll tell you for why later
  • Weeding – must be to do with the budget cuts but York Council don’t seem to have allotted any money towards weeding the pavement and road edges so, just to do my bit, I kick weeds out of the edge of the road as I walk
  • Replying – I saw a comment on one of my posts and so I replied. Only took a few seconds.
  • Reading – I set off reading my book on the phone as I walked. Yes, I can read quite well whilst I walk and no, I don’t bump into things
  • River – I walked by the river Ouse. It’s flooded the paths again and so I had to do a little bit of wading too. Apart from that, all’s well.

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