A Life in the Day (16-17)

This hour was mostly about spending money. I visited Morrison’s and Sainsbury, two of the big supermarkets here in the UK.

I bought:

  • Pizza for dinner. Just a plain one so that I can load all my favourite toppings on when I get it home
  • Cashews for protein. Because someone just told me that protein is good for taking headaches away. A few handfuls have dulled it down again
  • Ginger for sheer laziness. I used to buy it in root form but the sheer effort of peeling and grating it was just too much for my lazy mind and so I buy it in frozen cubes. Let the machines do the work, right?
  • Dorito cheesy crisps for the taste. Enough said?
  • Dairy-free milk. Because they don’t treat the cows right.
  • Cream cleaner. Because the cream got dirty and it needs cleaning? No; the toilet gets dirty, you fool!

Still looking for an interesting photo. Bear with …

Saw an ambulance comiing and thought about standing in the road and taking a photo just before it hit me. Pros: it might make an interesting photo. Cons: it might hurt.

Saw a whole bunch of autumn leaves and thought of taking a photo of them, but they looked a bit too dirty (no, not pornographic) so I didn’t.

Saw a plastic bag in a plastic bag and thought of taking a photo of them because plastic bags will be extinct soon; but they’re not yet, so I didn’t.

Walked over a railway bridge and thought of waiting for a train and taking a snap of it but it’s getting too cold to wait now and so I didn’t.

Though of taking a picture of the sound of the church bells ringing poignantly in the distance but then thought you’re a fool Robert and so didn’t.

Then my headache came back and so I stopped thinking so much (already) and posted the darn post without any photo.

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