A Life in the Day (21-22)

I washed the pots and did some tidying up and thought about life and the allure of distractions.

I started writing stories in 2015. Since then I’ve written loads of them, and plenty of other stuff besides. The reason I started on that course was to wean myself off of the distractions: movies, books, music etc.

It didn’t work.

Instead of taking time from my distractions and giving it to writing, I’ve taken time from other parts of my life and given it to writing. All the distractions are still here.

So, like I say, I washed the pots and, instead of perching a movie on the window-ledge, I thought about life.

Can’t say that I came to any particularly deep conclusions, but at least I didn’t distract myself from myself (if you know what I mean). One thing that I did conclude is that movies degrade my mind. They put me in a state where I don’t have to think, and they keep me in that state for hour after hour. It’s like turning off my mind. That can’t be good for me. Or anyone!

So I didn’t start watching another movie. I read an eBook instead. I figured out how to read my Kindle stuff in an internet browser (it’s quite easy; just search for ‘kindle in browser’ and it’s the top hit). Books are, so they say, different to movies in that they don’t turn off the thinking (as much). The mind is needed to visualise the scenes created by the words apparently.

So, yeah; not perfect, but at least I’m not being a total cabbage-case. And hey – I’m writing too!

On a totally different note – here’ a bubble that I discovered hiding underneath a pan on the counter-top:


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