A Life in the Day (6-7)

I’ve never used my name as part of a pun, but it strikes me that maybe I should, and maybe now is the time to do so. There’s a song by The Beatles called A Day In The Life. There’s a life being lived by me. My name is Robert Colin Day. Day. So this is a Life in the Day; geddit? Hmm. Maybe that should read A Life of the Day. Otherwise, it’s, like, a life in the daytime. Ach, whatever. It’s dark at 6am, which is when this story starts, so clearly that is night and not day!

I’m using an app called Sleep as Android, which is billed as a sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm. It woke me up seven hours after I went to sleep, which is to say 6am. I paused it and slept until 6:10am then the alarm went off. I paused it for another ten minutes. It went off again. I didn’t have anything to do that I wanted to do today and I still don’t and so that’s why I spent the first half of the first hour of today in blissful ignorance of the meaninglessness of today (to me). That said, I bet that there are dozens of people for whom the day has lots of meaning. Kudos to y’all.

I woke up (each time) with a slight headache and so the first thing I did when I finally got up was to go downstairs, grab a cup and drink two helpings of water from the tap. imag24212782984066572499752.jpgActually, there were lots of other things in between, like putting the radio (Radio One on the Sounds app on my phone) on, pulling on yesterday’s t-shirt, slipping my feet into my slippers, walking downstairs, turning the alarm off and walking through the living room and dining room into the kitchen. Minutiae, but who knows how the world will change in the future to make these things seem novel. And other countries have completely different set-ups too; floors might not be made of wood, windows not made of glass and dining not done on plates. And in outer space, people don’t walk. And on other planets orbiting around other suns, this might not make sense at all. Or maybe it will. Maybe there are people sat on other planets reading our internet and thinking ‘my god, they’re just like us!’

Drinking water and eating bananas move me. Well, maybe not all of me, but they certainly move a part of me. Think of a part of the body with five letters starting with b and ending with l. Hey, I bet you didn’t know that you’d get a crossword in this! Here’s another one: three letters starting with p and ending with o. Actually, when I think about it: the whole of me was moved. All of me went into a small room and sat down for a while. Yay!

And that takes us up to 7am.



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