A Life in the Day (8-9)

Oh, jeesh, what did I do then? This hour seems like a lifetime ago even though it was only this morning. Let’s see, how about I just list it out for you and you can demand more detail if you have to (don’t):

  • I had some breakfast. Dairy-free cheese and tomatoes on toast if you really want to know. And then a cup of tea without any tea in it. Not even sure why I still drink this because de-caf tea is not going to kill me now is it?
  • I put some washing in the machine. White Supremacy Week really paid off. I had lots of whites to wash and not so many darks and so I was able to get rid of that little pile of white clothes that had just been sat there for the previous two weeks.
  • I read my ‘book’ a little. I’m reading The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal on Kindle‎ (it was only 99p) because that’s what the science fiction book-club is reading this month. The meeting is on Thu so I’d best hurry up and finish it.The Calculating Stars

Surely that can’t be all I did! Can I include things like breathing and pumping blood through my veins and drinking another two cups of water (I still have that headache) and scratching my nose in this? If so, I could pump it up quite a bit …

But no.


3 thoughts on “A Life in the Day (8-9)

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  2. That line ‘a cup of tea without any tea in it’ could change the way definitions are defined – I’m talking globally here. As a random thought sort of bloke, you can imagine I’m getting a mass of thoughts here. Earlier today I got myself a Pain Aux Raisins for lunch. I got short-changed on the raisins, as in there were none. ‘A Pain Aux Raisins without any raisins in it’. Great stuff ~ George

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    • I actully short-changed you a little with that definition, George. I usually call it ‘ea’. Should I explain, or can you work it out? 😉
      Okay, it’s tea without the t. Geddit?
      Pray God you don’t write a song about it!! 😀
      Perhaps you had raisin pain sans raisin earlier? Just riffing.

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