4 thoughts on “Second Hand Coffins

  1. It could be about a literal coffin, the story could start off in the 18 century, about a man who was a coffin maker.
    He made all his coffins with gopher wood or something, one day he heard loud gun shots, he looked outside and realized some kind of raid was going on, in fear he locked himself up in one his coffins. But the thing is that particular coffin was just being made, and it had no real lock yet.
    He hid in it until noise subsided then he tried to get out only to realise he’s been locked in, the lock he was creating was jammed. He tried and tried, till he was weak, struggling for air…He suffocated to death. His body was never buried. His soul had no peace…Years later a man ran into such coffin, it was smelly but the wood was still as good as ever. The man looked inside it and only found bones, he thought probably an animal had been trapped or something.
    He emptied it out and took it back home and used the wood to make furniture in his home.
    21st century now the coffin had been dismantled over and over the centuries used to make tables, chairs, cribs and every time the dead mans soul was still present in each and everyone of the coffin remakes. And every time it was dismantled his soul felt the pain…

    😂 😂
    This is pretty dark

    😂 I’d never read this, why did I write this?!

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  2. Dystopian… Only the rich can afford a new coffin, the poor are put in body bags, a dying man finds an advert for someone selling a second hand coffin and sells everything to buy it… And then doesn’t die…

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