We get on Fine

We get on fine, so long as we have no desire to do other than what the other wants. As long as we don’t clash about things like lacks and shortages and vagaries like that. We sit like Buddha and go beyond the desire to have more than what we have now. We slip away from the ache for extras because, who knows, they could slide away from us at any time, without any notice; stolen by the breeze of life.

We get on fine, as long as we don’t talk to each other about longing. As long as we don’t long for other than what we have. As long as the day is long, we are happy together. We just flow and flow and flow with the energy of what is and the river is happy for us to flow downstream with it. The river is happy and we are happy and there’s nothing to worry about right now. Nothing in these words should be taken as meaning otherwise.

We get on fine, as long as we forgive all trespasses.  We excuse each other as we sit at opposite ends of the table, each with our own pots of salt and pepper. Nothing to pass and so nothing to say because everything has been forgiven and forgotten. Memories of past sins don’t sit on our faces. We don’t argue, we don’t fight, we don’t glare or grimace because we have forgiven it all.

We get on fine, so long as we stay quiet. So long as peace is upon our lips and lives. So long as we don’t deign to ask for anything that might rip the peace right off of our skin like a plaster from a sore. We spread the ointment, cover the wounds, smile with our mouths and gaze around the room like we have a thousand times before as if we expect a door to open and transport us elsewhere. Anywhere. Now.

Yeah, we get on fine.

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