What Do You Know?

I can write. You don’t care about that though. I can talk about myself but you don’t care about me neither. I can tell you things about the world but the world only interests you if it contains you. You’re only interested in you. If this says nothing to you about your life then you have already stopped reading. And if you have then I’m only talking to myself. And if I’m only talking to myself then I might as well forget about you, If I’m talking to myself then I might as well think about what this audience of one wants from me. It’s an easy riddle to solve. I want to hear from me about me.

If you’re anything like me then you can listen too.
If I speak to your heart then what’s good for me is good for you.

I’m listening to Grime. Grime is a kind of rap. I don’t know much about rap really. I only know what I’ve heard of it and what I’ve read. I read that one of the themes of rap is braggadocio, which is to say that rappers brag about aspects of their life. I noticed this before I read it and I wondered why they did this. Now I know that they’re doing this because that’s what it says on the tin. It says ‘brag’ and so they brag. I used to wonder why rappers always seemed to be so angry. Maybe it’s just passion, though. It isn’t the first time I’ve made a mistake about people so who knows.

If you know anything about me then tell me.
If I speak to you about things you know then explain them to me.

My wife just came downstairs and so that’s that about that.

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