Fasting Between Breakfast and Lunch

I set out to break the habit of snacking between breakfast and lunch yesterday. If you’re interested, I wrote about it in this post: How I’m Not Eating (Until Lunch).

Here’s how I’m getting on today:

  • 10.37hr – first desire to eat something hit me at the time as I was taking a break to read a bit of my book. I felt my belly (with my fingers) and it was soft on the surface. I checked how my tummy felt on the inside and I could still feel my breakfast in there (and no, I didn’t put my hand down my throat to do this (and no knives were involved either)). I checked how my mouth felt (my tongue did this, in case you’re wondering) and it was sweet – a combination of peanut butter on toast and that new toothpaste I got, that tastes of … something sweet. I remembered then that I’m in the process of eliminating morning snacks and I came up with the idea of writing a post about it and so I came here and started to write this. More updates to follow.
  • 11.00hr – thought to myself that a bag of crisps would take that sweet taste out of my mouth very nicely. Reflected on how clever my mind is and what kinds of tricks it tries in its attempts to get me to eat. Didn’t eat. Less than two hours to go until lunch.
  • 11.14hr – made the mistake of going in the kitchen. Turned out it wasn’t a mistake at all because nothing really pulled me. Didn’t fancy the fruit in the bowl and had already recognised the crisps on the top of the cupboard as the dead end that they were (just a thing to get the sweet taste out of my mouth). One hundred and four minutes until lunch. That’s not long. Not really.
  • 11.30hr – out of no-where, a desire to eat comes. It’s definitely tied in with this sweet taste in my mouth. Maybe I should have some salt. Or maybe a nice cup of Marmite (other brands are available) in hot water. Or maybe I should just ignore it. I do actually feel a little hollow in my belly at the moment (the beginning of a hunger pang?) but it doesn’t show in the outside. More convex than concave on the outside.
  • 11.52hr – wondered briefly how my hunger was going on but realised that I was far too busy to bother about that right now. So I didn’t. Realised that music kind of helps too. I’m listening to Kaleidoscope World – an album by an Australian (I think) band called The Chills. I was looking for chilled music on Amazon Prime and spotted this album from way, way back instead. The feel is like a jolly Velvet Underground. It’s nice.
  • 12.22hr – on a call at work and hitting a boring spell and so thought of food. Not really hungry though. Just bored. Weird how food can become an antidote to boredom. Less than an hour to lunch – wheee!
  • 12:32hr – continually checking the clock now as it counts down to lunchtime. Not really wanting to snack (because lunch is so close) but just actively wanting lunch to come around quickly so that I can have a proper meal. That sweet taste has finally faded from my mouth.
  • 13:14hr – just been chatting to a neighbour and in the process I forgot all about food. I’m blooming hungry now that I’ve come back in the house! Food, food, food!

So there you are – lessons to be learnt. How are you getting on with your appetites?

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