Something amazing happened in the night – the grass seed sprouted and put a couple of centimetres of inquisitive and glorious life up into the air! And not just a few of them, but the whole area of (what’s to be) our front lawn is covered with those delicious new shoots.

When you consider that the seeds were only scattered on Monday this week, and that now is Saturday, it’s only taken them (checks on fingers) five days to go from zeroine to heroine!

Even more remarkable: when I watered the area yesterday afternoon, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing! I even got down on my hands and knees to check and not one single, solitary seed had sprouted. Amazing!

And in other news – I spotted a squirrel running down the main street at the back of our house this morning. It was canny enough not to look in my direction, but I fear that the Squirrel Advance Patrol has found me out and that the main force cannot be far behind. Read here for a reminder of how the Battle for the Planet of the Squirrels sparked tragically into life.

And there’s more. I was right, it was a horsefly that bit me yesterday. The swelling and itchiness that appeared on my arm during the night is the unmistakable effect of those formidable mandibles. Here’s a tip for you: don’t sit and write blog posts in cowpat filled meadows!

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow me for future updates on life in Yorkbut for now – have a lovely (and safe) day.

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