Bench Views #08 – Clifton Park

Bench in a corner.

This is one of my favourite benches. Not particularly because of the view from the bench, but because of how the bench just snugly rests there – inside the smooth curve of the path.

A crow (or maybe a rook or a raven) came and sat here beside me. Well, as beside as a RookRavenCrow can manage to be to a strange human, which is to say ten meters away on the grass to the left of me. A loud caw announced his or her arrival. When I replied by patting the bench and saying ‘sit with me’ he/she flew away. I like crows. They are brave and they go quiet and listen to me when I think of wide-open, blue skies.

So, yeah – the bench. Well, it’s a couple of stone-throws away from the river Ouse (like pretty much anything is in York). It is a quiet place to sit if you have the ability to tune out the traffic on the A1237 ring road. Crows and flies visit you here. People and dogs go by, but don’t pay you any mind. And the trees just watch without judging.

I’d sit here longer, but I have miles to go before I arrive at the place I’ll find myself at then.

5 thoughts on “Bench Views #08 – Clifton Park

  1. Beautifully and so well said, Robert. The place must be awesome so quiet and serene to be sitting all to yourself. Crows are good though they make a lot of noise. I get them everyday on my kitchen window sill and they want something to eat so give them a little rice or bread crumbs. Nice post.

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