Bench Views #09 – Townend St

Townend St.

What with the weather being rather inclement (lagging it down with rain) and this bench being a tad moist (absolutely sopping wet) I declined the kind opportunity it afforded me (didn’t want to get mi bum wet) to rest.

‘Sides which, this is clearly an old people’s bench. You can tell by its location. In front is a block of what I’m going to assume is supported housing (council flats) for genteel persons of reduced circumstances (no savings and slipped off (or never got on) the housing ladder).

Behind me is more of the same, but a bit posher (presumably because it’s marginally closer to the York Minster (yes, sarcasm)). The presence of an ambulance outside would suggest, though, that posher is not necessarily better.

I’ve walked on. Why? Which part of raining did you not get! Actually, I don’t feel too wet. The big, purple umbrella β˜” that I’m carrying is doing a good job. It’s only really my feet that are wet. And that’s only due to walking through too many puddles (lakes) because it’s impossible to watch where I’m going while I’m typing this.

Nearly home now – phew! Laters.

10 thoughts on “Bench Views #09 – Townend St

  1. Hahaha I loved the way you said you stepped into puddles and Robert even in India we are in the rainy season and in Mumbai where I stay it is raining heavily from two months. We even get flooded streets till waist deep and cars and scooters all swimming in the rain. A lovely read and good picture.

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