Mostly All About Eva

Eva (not her real name) asked me why I blog.

It was, I guess, revenge for me asking her the same question, so I can’t really complain. In fact, I’m glad she asked because I’d never really thought about it before.

Anyhoo – this is what I said (copied and pasted from my comment on her blog (which is still in moderation as I type)):

I’m just recording thoughts and impressions that I would otherwise have forgotten in the hope that they will be useful to my future self (and perhaps to other people (although that’s a long shot)).

I mean, you ever do something completely ordinary in a place and then visit it a few years later and it’s changed completely (or even been demolished) and you think to yourself ‘oh, I wish I’d taken a photograph’ or ‘I wish I’d paid more attention to how I felt’? Well, it’s a bit like that.

Robert C Day.

Also, sometimes, when I post on other people’s blogs, my comments get deleted or censored or sh..tuff. Can’t do nowt about that, but it’s nice to have a backup all the same, innit.

27 thoughts on “Mostly All About Eva

  1. The best answer so far! Haha. That was what i was about to say too when you asked but i couldn’t put it into words as good as you did.

    Blogging is really a good platform for memories (and something else our unpredictable minds may choose to forget!) soo i totally agree 👏👏👏

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