Bench Views #15 – Howard Drive, Rawcliffe

Howard Drive, Rawcliffe.

This is a dew-wet bench and so I’m going to have stripes across my bum when I stand up. But that’s okay because it’s a beautiful day (and the weather is good too) here in sunny York. It feels good to be home after having spent a long weekend in Scotland (more on that later).

You can see my tail (inseparable attendant or companion) on the bottom right of this snap of the Shipton Road. That’s because the sun is casting long shadows from behind my back. It’s early morning and we’re trending towards autumn here in the UK. The sun is coming up later and later and each warm day is now a bonus. Aside from shades, there are trees here too and, behind them, inevitably, there’s the river Ouse that I’ll be heading towards in a few moments.

Behind me, as I said, is the sun. It might be some 150.93 million km away but it has more of an effect on me than … *looks back over shoulder* … the Wing Lee (Chinese meals to take away tel: 651888) or any of the other businesses here. Enough said.

And on that note: Ouse ahoy!

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