Plastic Bags

Oh gosh – there’s going to be sooo much stuff we’re going to forget. So much that’s going to be missing from our environment that we might not think we’ll miss, but still – it’s going to be absent from our world.

Take plastic bags for example. At the moment you, like us, have probably got them coming out of your ears (not literally (obviously (unless you are very strange)). In fact, they are still swirling around on the ground as I walk here in York.

But there will come a time when disposable bags become extinct.

Who knows why. Possibly because each one of us will be being trailed by an utterly-silent, solar-powered drone to carry our shopping around for us – who knows. Some of those semi-autonomous bots may even be powerful enough to carry us home too (the kids can darned-well walk).

And when plastic bags become extinct, we’ll miss them. Trust me.

We’ll think nostalgically back to those days in India when we saw tattered plastic taking the place of leaves on every single tree. And we’ll yearn for those walks along the beach when we’d shout ‘jellyfish!’ at some shape on the wave-washed sand only to discover it’s a brine-filled sandwich bag. And we’ll even miss the antics of those light-weight carrier-bags as they cavort in the air on a breezy morning like today.

Things will change. All the things you now take for granted will one day be gone. So take note of them now and love them with all your heart.

Call your mom or your dad, gran, gramps, sister, brother, cousin-twice removed and listen to their voice. Walk outside and shout a cheery ‘hello’ to your elderly neighbour. Go to the local shop and buy a loaf whilst sharing a few, kind words with the grumpy girl behind the counter.

And while you do these things, and more – love it all. Appreciate everything. Because one day – it’ll all be gone.

7 thoughts on “Plastic Bags

  1. Isn’t it good if we forget about plastic bag. It would be wonderful for our environment.

    You’ve visited India.

    (I’ve never seen tattered plastic taking the place of leaves on every single tree.)

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    • Definitely good if we stop using plastic bags, but not (IMO) to discard our memories of them. Everything has its own beauty and it’s up to us, as beholders, to find that beauty and keep it intact against the wearing action of time.
      But really, in this post, I was trying to say that there are many things that we take for granted and so do not value enough while we have them. Plastic is a trivial example, but better examples are given: the voice of a loved one, the old people around us, the shop assistants – all are lovely, and all will someday be taken without warning.
      And yeah, I’ve been to India a dozen or more times (lost count). And yeah, I remember bags in trees along the sides of those dusty highways in Rajasthan. All gone now since other materials are used to make them (the bags, that is. Not the highways.) I’m glad you live in more enlightened days, Love Blossom. 🌸


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