Twin Boxes

So, me and the missus were watching this movie the other night: Inception I think it was, and there was this part in it where this guy was trapped inside his dream (or something like that) and the wife turns to me and says ‘I sometimes think you’re trapped in a box.’

Now me, being me, always wants to slant things towards their positive so I says to her ‘what do you think the other times?’ She didn’t really have an answer for that, but anyways – that’s not the point.

Point is: I think we’re all trapped in boxes all the time. We all have set mind-sets that exclude other possibilities and points-of-view.

It’s like the beetle patrolling the inside perimeter of a matchbox because he’s guarding against the possibility that the world might get out (think about it)!

Similarly, we guard the insides of our minds (and the things in them) imagining that they are the whole world, whereas, in reality, the bigger part of everything is always outside of us.

Imagine that you think the world is going to end because of this covid-19 pandemic. Then imagine everyone else thinking that the world will go on (in some form or another). You will guard your point-of-view whilst thinking it to be correct. Are you in a box? No. To you, everyone else is in a box.

Imagine the wife thinking that I’m in a box. Am I?

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