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I started learning Hindi using the Duolingo app today. Guys, this system is the bomb! It’s like a game! You learn, you win things, you learn some more. It’s a very motivating way to learn. You should try it. All the languages are there and it’s all free! And no – I’m not getting paid to say this.

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    • It’s nice because it takes you right back to basics. Yesterday I was doing the equivalent of aeiou (with a bit of ka, kha, ga, gha for variety). This morning it’s ba, na, ta, bha, nha, tha. Such fun! πŸ™‚


        • Found out today that there are some really difficult consonants! There seems to be gazillions of them too. Luckily my wife pointed out that the squiggles on the edges of the letters actually mean something (imagine that!) Like, the downward stick with a curled finger and thumb at the bottom mean that the letter (character?) ends with an ‘uh’ sound and the single feeler bending over the top line of a character means it ends with an ‘i’ sound. I might have got those mixed up, but you know what I mean, right? They are patterns with meaning, not just random squiggles designed to confuse me. πŸ˜ƒ
          Such fun!


  1. Well, I do not argue with you, but I give some examples in English and in correct Finnish. Here:

    There are reindeer there = Tuolla on poroja.
    There is a reindeer = Tuolla on poro.
    All the reindeer are very cute = Kaikki porot ovat hyvin sΓΆpΓΆjΓ€.
    I saw only two reindeer = NΓ€in vain kaksi poroa.
    I saw only one reindeer = NΓ€in vain yhden poron.
    Did you buy a reindeer? = Ostitko poron?
    No, I bought two reindeer = Ei, ostin kaksi poroa.

    Now use Google translations in English and check if it translated correct in Finnish!


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