Bench Views #16 – Skatepark off A59


I have no idea where I am. Oh, don’t get me wrong – I know how I got here and I know how to get anywhere from here. But I don’t know the nature of this place or why it’s here or how long it’ll remain. It just seems to be abandoned land with a skatepark in the middle of it. Perhaps that’s what it is. Maybe that’s all I need to know. Probably that’s okay.

There are no kids here. It’s eleven in the am on a Saturday morning. Where is everybody? I mean, I know I used to have a lie-in on Sunday when I was a kid, but Saturday was a knocking-about day. And what better thing to do on a sunny day like today than get the old skateboard out and go and watch that guy sitting on a bench tapping away on his phone! Such fun!

But it’s nice here. Great place to be alone and think about nothing much. Fine spot to watch birds wheeling overhead and feel the breeze and wonder, for the nth time, what that snuffling sound is in the bushes behind me.

*finally looks around*

Jeez, it’s … aaarrrrgggghhh!

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