How I Write Blog Posts

Here’s how I write a post:

  1. I write a random title. For example, this one is called ‘Twaddle’ (nonsense talk) at the moment
  2. I start writing the first thing that comes into my head, correcting the grammar, spelling and syntax as I go along
  3. I keep writing whilst watching and reacting (in terms of what I write) what has gone before
  4. I change my general direction (or not) purely in terms of what thoughts are triggered
  5. When I get close to having expressed a complete idea (one that could have a distinct title) I start looking in my mind for an ending
  6. I write a rounded ending
  7. I change the title to suit. For example, this is going to be called ‘How I Write Blog Posts’ (copy -> paste)
  8. I give it a quick read through to make sure it makes sense (it rarely does)
  9. I add a category and tags
  10. I post it
  11. I read it again
  12. I edit any small mistakes I initially missed
  13. I forget about it.

23 thoughts on “How I Write Blog Posts

    • Ah, Gisela – ich verstande eine kleine Deutsche. Ich shreibe ficktion und wirlichkeit. Wen es ist ficktion, ich habe ein “tag” (English wort – nicht als Montag) mit “fiction”. Ich also vergesse – das ist ok. Robert.

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