A Madman in the Mechanism

Just watched this great talk by Chris Golding about the benefits of listening to people’s emotional reactions in a business context. He says that emotion can be a key to innovation and prosperity if appropriate and sufficient attention is given. So, yeah.

That made me wonder if a bona-fide mad person (male, female or anything in-between) could have a beneficial effect on how much innovation flows through a company. I mean, mad people think outside the box and they are generally immune to negative criticism, which means that they will not be put off their stride by the usual scorn and ridicule heaped on anyone who thinks a little differently to your run-of-mill cubicle inhabitant.

Of course, the maddie (not intended as a derogative term) should not be given any kind of control of the company. They must be kept in harness and only used for their innovative approach to potential product and service lines. Put them in charge and you risk a Hitler. Keep them in check and you have a Rasputin at your service. One would command an army whereas the other would command the ear of the Queen (aka Chairman of the Board).

It’s just a seed of an idea, and it can be taken further, but not now because I have to join a meeting. Don’t worry, my genius will be kept in check there; the whips and mauls will see to that.

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